3 Things I Learned From the Speakers at DTS

In DTS, gifted teachers come to speak on a different topic each week. Many speakers will pour out God's heart to you...

How a Gap Year Brought Clarity to My Life

It was at that moment that my desire to go to school and enter ministry globally were at odds...

Serving Taught Me To Love Others

Some days, when I’m feeling particularly touchy or irritable, I’ve discovered that if I can humble myself and serve people, by doing the dishes, praying for someone or sharing words of encouragement, my attitude flips on its head.

Intimacy, Not Just Obedience — My YWAM DTS Story

After this week I learned that obedience is the lowest level of intimacy with the Lord. It creates distance because we view God more as a King who harshly disciplines every mistake we make.

How an Unexpected Weekend in DTS Helped Me Grow

Initially, I believed this weekend trip was going to be a joy ride, with cool people and great friends. Little did I know what a crucial role this weekend was going to play in my life.

Letting Go: Lessons From DTS

I’ve always thought that he didn't speak to me, but I’ve come to learn that God speaks even though we don't always listen.

Why You Should Do Your DTS in A Small Town

There are many reasons why you might want to do a DTS in Hawaii, New Zealand or Australia because of the big adventure. However, doing your DTS in a small town like Lynden actually has a lot of benefits.

The 3 Best Things From My First Week at DTS

Who would think that a bunch of young people could come together, supposedly ’randomly,’ and just instantly love each other so much?!

You’re Not Too Young to Change the World

Young people are our specialty. We want you. We want your passion, your pursuit, your questions, and your enthusiasm.