We’re about 2 weeks into the lecture phase of DTS, and I’ve already learned so much. The speakers are amazing and the content is incredibly thought through. So far we have learned about recognizing God’s voice and the nature and character of God.

What stood out to me the most was when our speaker, Jen Dorrough, spoke about recognizing God’s voice. She shared with us about the hurdles that we might have that keep us from hearing God’s voice, and what we should do if we want to understand him better. This was a hard topic for most of us, because we all had to be vulnerable. For me personally it was really eye opening. I’ve always thought that he didn’t speak to me, but I’ve come to learn that God speaks even though we don’t always listen.

When she told us that we need to have a relationship with God in order to hear and understand Him better, something clicked. My relationship with the Lord has not been the best. He’s always been there but we never really talked, or I never really listened…

But once we let go of the things that hold us back, God can come in.

So when Jen talked about the hurdles that might keep you from recognizing God’s voice, we all had to write down our hurdles and then speak them out loud in front of the class. After sharing your hurdles, you would receive prayer. This was a very emotional day for all of us… But once we let go of the things that hold us back, God can come in.

This is just one thing that stood out to me during my first 2 weeks of DTS, and there is still so much we have to look forward to. I couldn’t be more excited what God has planned for me in the future.

Written by Dominique Schussler