1. We have more time. Generally, speaking we will have more time to spend on the missions field rather than adults who have already established a career.
  2. We have more energy. Teens and young adults have more energy to put into missions.
  3. We can make a career of it (if we want to). Unlike adults who have already established a career, teens and young adults have more flexibility with where missions could lead them.
  4. We can play a vital part in ministering to people our own age, sometimes it is easier for a young person to relate to one another rather than an older person trying to relate to a young person.
  5. Missions empowers students. Mission trips often help show young people what we are good at and that can start empowering us to do God’s work globally.
  6. We will learn a lot. When on the mission field, students are constantly learning and and experiencing God in new ways.
  7. It will keep us engaged in our relationship with God. We will be learning about God and have a desire to grow in our relationship with Him.
  8. You can make life long friendships. A lot of the time people come from all over the world to do missions. This is a great opportunity to become friends with like minded people.

Written by Tiara Roland