In DTS, gifted teachers come to speak on a different topic each week. Many speakers will pour out God’s heart to you in beautiful ways, and will bring understanding that is truly as God meant for it to be given to you. They will seek to have Jesus be all you see through them as communicators of His will and story for all to know. The following three topics are are just a few examples of the truth and revelation communicate to me though my DTS speakers.

Biblical Worldview

Rightly-Relating to the people and the accounts of the Bible. Learning to see the context in which the Bible was written and understanding that it is formatted in many different types of literary formats. Our speaker on Biblical Worldview taught us so much as she journeyed through the Bible and all that it tells us about who we are.

This week opened my eyes to a deeper understanding of the sweetness of God’s words to His people and a greater knowledge of the significance of the Word even as it relates to us now. Knowing that the Bible is composed as one continuous story leading to one ultimate conclusion, from the creation and fall of man to the reconciliation of the Kingdom and earth in future times, creates a whole new heart attitude towards God’s word. Such a beautiful thing to truly know the Bible and all the surrounds it.


In another week, on Identity, our speaker showed us that we are created as “human-beings,” not as “human-doings.” And in such it is not in our works that our relationship with God stands, but rather in our sitting with Him, just being with Him. As we walk through the life He places before us, acknowledging His continuous presence by our side, smiling as we discover what He has arranged for us, delighting in our joys and hugging us in our sorrows and the disappointments evil has brought to His world. We are to be with Him, not do for Him. This was a largely impactful part of Identity week for me as our speaker recounted the changes in his life through this revelation.

Identity week also brought to life false narratives. We recognize in this world there is an evil one hoping to tempt us and pull us away from God’s presence. He does this in more ways than just by desires alone, but also by placing false thoughts in our mind and false narratives to our lives. He distracts us from what is true and twists life around us to convince us that “We will never make it,” “can never change,” “are not valued in this world.” Our speaker for Identity week showed us how these false narratives played out in his life, and how he/ we can combat them with the truth given by the one who personally breathed into life all mankind.

One other truth communicated to us through our Identity week speaker was, Silence does not mean absence, and when He is silent, match His quiet. One of the many false narratives that worm their way into our hearts is, “God doesn’t have anything to say to us.” But that’s not true. Gods always has something to say. When we find that God is being silent, we should match His silence leading us to truly sitting with Him, where He is at.


Passion week taught us to release our expectations and just listen to Jesus. When we come to Jesus and sit down with Him with all that we hope to receive from Him, we put our listening into a box, which hinders us from hearing what He has to say that may not be within the realm of what He has for you that day. Let go of your plans and worries as you sit at His feet, and open your heart to his passions and words for you this day.

A heart transforming week, passion week urged us to accept His covering, He’s got it from here. To be truly dancing in His Kingdom, filled with nothing but a fervent fire for all that God is, we need to give up control of our protection and put all of our trust in Him. Remember, He is right there with you; He is the lead in your life’s dance and He will not falter, stumble, or drop you. He is your covering and no one is more qualified than He.

There are just some of the truths and revelations given to us through our DTS speakers. As God has used them to bring light into my world, He will also use them to bring light and understanding into yours. Each speaker desires nothing more than to be the hands and feet of Jesus spreading His love and tender correction to our lives so that we may learn to walk by His side day and night, in the beautiful romance of communion with “I am.”

Written by Carolyn Green