I love the fact that YWAM welcomes people from all over the world. Your DTS Class becomes your family away from home.  This is just some of what I have learned from them:

  1. A glimpse of Outreach

When I met my international classmates, I got a taste of what outreach will be like. I learned about their culture, and what it means to step out of myself in order to get to know them. It also broadened my horizons on how to interact with other people from all around the world.

It may be awkward at first, at least for an introvert such as myself, but it’s so fun…

It may be awkward at first, at least for an introvert such as myself, but it’s so fun to already learn about different ways of life from around the world.

  1. Same Vision, different parts of the world

Growing up in the American church, it was easy for me to get lost in the thought that were the only church worshipping and loving Jesus. It’s a silly thought, but it’s easy to get caught in this is “me and my culture” mentality.

It broke down the walls of my cultural ignorance…

When I met international students that love and worship Jesus from the other parts of the world, I became excited, and it broke down the walls of my cultural ignorance. I realized and love that unity through Jesus’ name has no geographical or cultural barriers. We are united through Christ. It’s beautiful. I was just walking with my friend from Finland, and we were just talking about our prayer needs. I loved the fact that she prayed in her Finnish language, and it just blows my mind that although there may be a language barrier between us at times, we’re both praying to the same Jesus, who understands equally.

  1. Forever Friendships

I am beyond grateful for these friendships. It’s reassuring that I have friends in other parts of the world that share the same passions as myself. We’re already talking about making plans to visit each other, and make memories beyond our current YWAM life.

We will always be family– even worlds apart.

Honestly, living in community with one another is a beautiful representation that nations can come together and love each other through Christ. Doing life with one another, whether together for a season or whenever we go our separate ways, we will always know that we will always be family– even worlds apart. We will always laugh, cry, and celebrate with another, through thick and thin.

YWAM is an unforgettable experience that brings together people from different cultures, countries, backgrounds, and denominations.I believe that whoever you end up being with in your DTS experience, it’s perfectly unique, and you will discover that yes Jesus knows exactly who you need in your life; that includes people from overseas.

Written by: Ashley Hernandez