There are many reasons why you might want to do a DTS in Hawaii, New Zealand or Australia because of the big adventure. However, doing your DTS in a small town like Lynden actually has a lot of benefits.

If you come to Lynden, you are located in the Pacific Northwest, the home of coffee. So if you are a coffee enthusiast like me, there are lots of amazing coffee shops around that I can guarantee will ruin coffee for you when you go home… well, that’s if you go home, as you may want to stay here! My personal favorite is a small local coffee and used bookstore that goes by the name KATZ. It a great place if you want to drink your coffee and dive into the Bible, a good book or talk with God.

Strong Church Community
Here in Lynden, there is a strong church community with almost a church on every block. So no matter what denomination you are from, you will feel more at home. The people here are super friendly and inviting, so you will never feel homesick.

Small Town Atmosphere
My second favorite spot in the town would have to be at the Lynden Dutch Bakery just down the block. It has been here for almost 100 years and it makes the best Maple Bacon doughnut you will ever taste or if you are not a doughnut person they also make some killer eggs benny. The atmosphere you get when doing a DTS in a small town is nice too because you don’t get distracted by everyday life.

Escape the busyness of life
You can go for a walk in the woods just a few blocks away and set up a hammock and relax, or play a game of capture the flag. Or if you are feeling artsy, there are some antique shops that hold tons of history for you to discover and decorate your dorm with. All in all, I loved doing a DTS in a small town because it is the perfect place to escape and be with God when you are caught up in the rat race. So instead of trying to find out your plan for your life, come here to find out God’s plan for your life, and have an amazing time doing it!

Written by Christian Phillips