YWAM North Cascades is a new pioneering campus, and they have only been running Discipleship Training Schools at this location since 2016. By doing your DTS at a place like YWAM North Cascades, you will be part of an organic, pioneering environment.




develop or be the first to use or apply (a new method, area of knowledge, or activity).


I was unaware that YWAM North Cascades was a brand new base. Being welcomed as the very first class upon my arrival, my stomach sunk—I’m not going to lie. I felt like a guinea pig, a test run, like the first born child with the strictest rules. The next DTS would be like my younger sister, who had it best, because my parents tried everything on me to see what worked and what didn’t. For the first couple days of DTS, I felt like I wasn’t going to grow like other people who were doing YWAM would—like God couldn’t impact our class because it wasn’t an established base. In my mind, it was going to be a frustrating mess.

Then God lovingly—and with much gentleness—destroyed my pessimistic attitude, humbling and showing me the epic adventure that is being a pioneering DTS. I will never forget feeling the presence of God the second day, during Mountaintop Experience—the worship night in the mini golf course. (By the way, what other base has mini golf course?! RAD.) As the evening went on, I felt a fire ignite within me. I realized how God hand picked every person to attend the school, and handpicked every staff member. How intentional His plan is, and how silly of me to think God wasn’t greater than any challenges a new base goes through while figuring things out.

I began to see how exciting it is that we are first. We get to be part of the building up of a new base. It was actually amazing to have no other place but the basement to hang out with the other students. The bonding among the class and staff in the lecture room grew us closer together. We felt like family in the first week. Jeremy and Jen’s obedience to the Lord has been so evident, and I have watched them seek Him in every step of this base. So many blessings… the speakers wrecked us, the staff is devoted, and the overall bright energy of pioneering is a new thing.

We get to be a part of the foundation for years of young people being sent out, the beginning domino of change from Whatcom County to the ends of the earth.

Being one of the first DTS classes here is so special, especially knowing we are the fulfillment of this community’s prayer for a YWAM base here in Lynden. We get to be a part of the foundation for years of young people being sent out, the beginning domino of change from Whatcom County to the ends of the earth. Being the first DTS also means that over time we get to see North Cascades flourish, and see each new coming class change the base for the better. We get to look back at where it began, and be proud of how it develops. Whether we become staff or follow a call for other things, we will always have the memories of this place and the close family-like relationships we gained here.

YWAM North Cascades has an amazing start, though I may be a little biased. I am so thankful God called me here at this time, and I cannot wait to see how this base fulfills a call to mobilize, and to impact the kingdom. We are the pioneering class of a base that will cultivate world-changers, a base that has an emphasis on the most unreached, a base that wants to see the name of Jesus reach every ear.

Written by Jordan Gustafson, who is now a staff member at YWAM North Cascades!