Barista Elective

Develop yourself as a curator for the Kingdom through the Barista Elective.

The Barista elective aims to endorse a culture of welcoming and hospitality.

The Barista Elective exists to enhance the love that students have for coffee already, into a way to serve in their local coffee shops or in the nations. Because coffee culture is so popular, we want to cover a variety of areas to expand possibilities in the student’s minds of how they can use their love for the craft to build the kingdom. 

Core values of Barista Elective can be boiled down to five areas that blend into the DTS curriculum: YWAM North Cascades Coffee Box, business & entrepreneurship, community & relationships, history of coffee, and coffee 101 (basic techniques, and knowing how drinks are made). Tying in scripture to emphasize servanthood and relational discipleship principles will equip any student for a better basic understanding of how to combine coffee and Jesus. 


Activities Could Include:

  • Exploring cultural practices surrounding coffee and tea: learning techniques used in North Africa, the Middle East and SE Asia – things you’ll see on outreach
  • Learning technical skills like: roasting, different grinds, bean sourcing, and the importance of atmosphere
  • Fundamentals of coffee tasting with practice exploring the local coffee shops
  • Hearing from barista professionals and cafe owners
  • How to use barista gifting in ministering to others
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