See the Bible in a whole new way.

Whether you are a visual learner wanting to see the Bible in new ways or long to take your current Bible engagement to a new level, this seminar is for YOU! This University of the Nations accredited seminar will serve the beginner as well as the veteran student by giving you tools to organize the text of scripture according to its phrase relationships.

The Seeing the Scriptures School (STS) is a program designed to give you a thorough understanding of the Bible through inductive study. This a unique Bible School because you are able to take your time as you go deeper in your understanding of what the scriptures truly say. The intention of the school is to dig into the historical context and the author’s intent of each book in the Bible in order to better understand what the Bible can teach us.

Seeing the Scriptures can either be taken as a three month school or as a one week seminar. During the three months you will learn how to diagram the scriptures, diagram 3-5 books, participate in group discussions, and many more practical things. During the one week seminar you will also have the opportunity to learn how to diagram the scriptures, but the focus will be on only one New Testament book.

Program Details


  • $3,500
  • Covers everything including food, housing, and program expenses.


  • June 16- September 9, 2022


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