Discipleship Training School (DTS)

Encounter God. Develop your calling. Reach the lost.


Pick an elective to develop your unique calling and passions.


Learn about this life changing adventure.

The first twelve weeks:
Lecture Phase is spent in the U.S. Pacific Northwest.

Each week features a different international speaker who will teach on a different foundational topic. There are also times of local ministry, small group, and elective time throughout the week.

The second half:
Outreach is overseas and ranges from 8-12 weeks.

Generally, you chose team/location from a short list of options after you arrive. We focus on Unreached People Groups for outreach so most teams go to Africa, South Asia, and refugees in Europe.

Basic Questions:
$7000 Total Cost

Covers everything including: outreach airfare, housing, food, and program cost.

Africa/Asia Trips

Examples: Vietnam, Ethiopia, Cambodia. Exact countries updated regularly.

Upcoming Dates
  • June 20, 2019 - Nov 14, 2019
  • Sept 19, 2019 - Mar 5, 2020
  • Jan 9, 2020 - June 4, 2020
  • June 18, 2020 - Nov 12, 2020
  • Sept 24, 2020 - Feb 18 - 2021
  • Recognizing God’s Voice
  • Relationships
  • Missions
  • Worship
  • +More
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