Develop a deeper understanding of the Word.

Weekends in the Word is modeled after the University of the Nation’s intensive Bible Core Courses. It is for the local community, young and old, and will spend one Saturday a month digging deep into a book of the Bible. All 12 sessions are led by Bible teachers, professors, and pastors who are experts in the content they will be covering.

Each month will have homework and supplemental reading along with some group discussion in preparation for 4 hours of lecture on a Saturday that takes a deep dive into the book for that month. 

This year-long program will cover every genre of literature in the Bible starting in Titus and finishing in Matthew. 

The cost of this program is $75 a month or $825 upfront. This fee covers everything from coffee to topical books to subscriptions for continued learning.

For $75 a month, you will get all the coursework, access to additional study materials, supplemental books, subscriptions, and time with YWAM’s and the nation’s best Bible teachers.


  • Self-paced study guides 
  • Supplemental reading 
  • Interactive discussion


  • In-depth Bible teaching 
  • Group discussion 
  • Q&A for each book


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$75 a month

Covers coursework and study materials

Upcoming Dates

Meets the fourth Saturday of every month,

starting January, 2023


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