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Seeing the Scriptures is a one-week seminar where you learn how to study the Bible

Whether you are a visual learner wanting to see the Bible in new ways or long to take your current Bible engagement to a new level, this seminar is for YOU!

This University of the Nations accredited seminar will serve the beginner as well as the veteran student by giving you tools to organize the text of scripture according to its phrase relationships.

You will interact with a text from the New Testament, creating a new visual layout of the book, discussing with peers about the meaning and application, and seeing the scriptures afresh for yourself and the world.


  • “This Seminar helped me see how simple God and his word really is!” – Katie Floyd
  • “Diving below the surface level of scripture is crucial to continuing to grow in our knowledge of the word and thanks to Seeing the Scriptures I can do just that.” – Charlie Schmid

Watch 44 second Bible video:


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$360 Total Cost

Covers everything: housing, food, and program costs.

Discount: $150 for local community members

Upcoming Dates

October 22 - 28, 2023


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