YWAM DTS Sparked My Life of Adventure

I ached for adventure, but wanted purpose more:

I’ve always wanted to do “more” with my life. I have longed and ached for adventure. What kept my feet where they were for so long was while I desired adventure, I wanted it to have impact more. I needed an adventure of real purpose.

I had heard about DTS long before I applied for one. Everyone had incredible stories of adventure and relationship-deepening discovery of God. Those stories inflamed the ache inside me for adventure and purpose. It was when I heard a YWAM Missionary speak at church I decided this was it. I wanted to be able to tell the stories of core-altering life and partnership with God, too.

I saw my potential for the first time:

Within a month, I was accepted to my DTS. By the end of week one of DTS, I realized how deeply I underestimated what was possible for me during that time. I underestimated what was possible if I dedicated myself to God fully.

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The Bible came alive and so did my boldness:

I discovered God in new, fresh, and challenging ways. I learned to talk about why I follow God in a way that was empowering. The Bible came alive to me; it’s sweet and hard-hitting truth changed my life. I built life-long friends with people who were just as focused on God and engaging in the adventure He had for us.

I started making an impact and really loving people:

With all this new revelation, I went to the Middle East on my outreach. Packed with compassion and boldness, we endeavored to love the people well and to share the Gospel, as we gave an account for the love and hope they saw within us.

I again discovered God in new, fresh and challenging ways during my outreach. Over many cups of tea, we leaned into the convictions of our faith as we built relationships. The Bible continued to come alive. This time, watching it’s sweet and hard-hitting truths not only transform us, but the people we served on outreach. I saw the impact I had been longing for being made. I was finally living the adventure and witnessing God’s purposes. YWAM DTS sparked my life of adventure.

Written by: Jen Dorrough

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