7 Reasons to Join us for a DTS

Our next Discipleship Training School (DTS) is going to be incredible for so many reasons, here are the first 7:

1. Truly Focused: Local & Front-line Overseas Outreach

We are truly focused on sending our teams to the front-lines. We want to reach out to places where we can make the biggest impact, and sometimes that means we’re the first team to ever go there. We focus on sending our outreach teams to places like Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. Simultaneously, we are also heavily involved in local outreach.

2. Gorgeous Nature/Lots of Adventure

Tucked away in the Cascades Mountains, our area is surrounded by mountains and ancient evergreen forests on three sides, with the beautiful Pacific Ocean to the West– that is dotted with islands often visited by Orcas. There are endless outdoor adventure opportunities: tourism hubs like downtown Lynden (where our property is), Bellingham just 10 minutes South, and not to mention Seattle and Vancouver.

3. Fun, Brand New Property

We are just finishing up renovations on our iconic downtown Lynden, Washington property. The block that we’re located on is the centerpiece of our community. Just outside our front door you’ll find a few coffee dives, a handmade-chocolate shop, family-run bakery, and plenty of Dutch food options that celebrate local history.

4. Tight-knit Community & Committed Team

Our staff team really feels more like a family that is joined together by a shared commitment to each other and to our shared mission. We’re a good mix of experienced and emerging leaders, all of who are 100% dedicated to making DTS an incredible experience. We want to do everything at our maximum potential, and we start planning out your DTS months, even years, in advance.

5. Guaranteed Growth Opportunities

When we plan out a DTS, our main question is, “How will this make the biggest impact?” That is how we decide which speakers to invite, where to do the outreach, and what themes to focus on. Every school is focused to maximize your potential. You will surely grow in incredible ways.

6. Worship Saturated Environment

We never chose between “Making an Impact” and “Being Impacted”. YWAM North Cascades believes in a worship-rich environment. We are constantly hosting worship gatherings, attended by people from throughout our entire region. We craft our musical worship with excellence, authenticity, and spontaneity. This is such a fun, hopeful, and Jesus-centered ministry family, where the love for God is contagious.

7. Friendly & Welcoming Community

Our area is the perfect mix between the innovative personality of the Pacific Northwest and a truly welcoming small town feel. You can’ t walk through the grocery store without someone giving you a warm greeting and smile. This is a community with a rich Christian history, a vibrant local culture that loves YWAM and welcomes new faces.

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